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Usability Basics Training

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At Stanford, students, faculty, and staff rely on numerous applications and systems to get their work done.  The usability of those systems directly impacts the experience that people have, and how effectively and efficiently they can complete their work.  In this training, you will learn a basic understanding of system usability, how to spot usability issues, and how to incorporate experience design methods into your software development life cycle. Addressing usability in your system/application/website can help to reduce development costs, increase user efficiency and productivity, reduce financial risk that could occur due to user errors, reduce support calls and help tickets, and can help to reduce the need for users to create shadow systems. 


  • This course is virtual and offered over Zoom and consists of 6 hours of instruction, spread over two 3-hour sessions (e.g. Session 1 – 9am-12noon Thursday, and Session 2 – 9am-12noon Friday)
  • Individuals or teams can participate
  • Interactive activities to practice spotting usability issues

Topics covered

  • What usability is and why it matters
  • The 12 usability principles and how to spot usability issues in an interface
  • How to integrate user experience design into a typical project, and resources to do this at Stanford

Who it’s for

This class can benefit people in many roles, including but not at all limited to: 

  • Business owners, service managers/owners, product managers/owners of applications/systems - and their teams
  • Developers
  • Business Analysts
  • Project Managers
  • QA teams/individuals
  • Any individual interested in learning more about usability



This summer's two-part session

  • Session 1:  July 18, 2022 — 9 a.m. - 12 noon
  • Session 2:  July 20, 2022 — 9 a.m. - 12 noon

How to sign up

For individuals wanting to take this course


If you are interested in a team training, get in touch with us via our contact form 

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