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Process Improvement Series: An Applied Workshop

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Do you desire to be more efficient with the processes you oversee, but are unsure of where to start? If you are motivated to improving the processes you work with, this workshop series is for you!

This is a three series workshop for work groups (three to five individuals) to work with your team on completing a process improvement project on a real Stanford work process.

(Note: The content of this series includes: “Process Improvement Basics: The Lego Workshop”)

  • Workshop 1 provides an introduction to process improvement through a fun, hands-on Lego activity. You will acquire an overview of a proven Stanford process improvement approach and will become familiar with key tools to improving processes you encounter on a daily basis.  In addition, this workshop will enable you to experience the end-to-end approach and gain experience using key process tools to help identify areas of opportunity.
  • Workshop 2 will enable you to utilize the key tools introduced in Workshop 1 to analyze a real process in your workplace. You will be collaborating with your work group to complete a process flow diagram, gathering pain points, identifying key performance indicators, and developing a plan to collect baseline process metrics.
  • Workshop 3 will guide you to collaboratively brainstorm improvements to the challenges you identified, based on work from Workshop 2.  Each idea will be assessed for feasibility and impact and you will develop an implementation plan for your improvements. You will draft a future state process flow diagram and will develop a control plan to measure and monitor the success of your improvement efforts.

Each workshop will include homework which participants are expected to complete prior to the next session. Time to complete homework will range from 1-3 hours per week.   

Participants must come with a process in their work area that needs improvement along with a minimum of one improvement target.


This course has mandatory prework; you will receive the link to the prework from the course facilitator 2-3 weeks before the course start date.

How to sign up

If you are interested in organizing this training for your team, get in touch via our contact form.

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