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Business Analytics

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Our Business Analytics team is comprised of experts to assist with your data.

Data Analysis and Visualization

If you would like to measure, analyze and visualize the current state of your organization, our team can help you identify the applicable data sources and the key metrics that would assist you in making data-driven decisions.  We build comprehensive, auto-updating dashboards that display your essential business metrics. We have solid background in designing and delivering:

  • Data analysis - Collecting, transforming, analyzing and reporting on data.
  • Survey analysis - Turning research data into actionable insights.
  • Statistical analysis - Analysis of data to recognize trends or patterns.
  • Visualization - Graphical representation of information and data.
  • Dashboard development - An interactive tool to monitor, analyze, and measure

Data Infrastructure and Automation

We can help improve the performance of your organization by reviewing your current infrastructure and recommending improvements for efficiently hosting, storing, processing and managing your data. We can assist in automation of repetitive workflows and develop integrated pipelines between your different data sources. We have proven experience in providing consultation and implementation on: 

  • Data inventory - Identification of data sources
  • Data flow - Developing a map of the flow of data through systems and processes
  • Data architecture - Standardizing the process of collecting, storing, transforming and distributing data
  • Data pipeline development and integration - Connecting data sources to a centralized repository
  • Data warehousing - Supporting Business Intelligence activities through a centralized system

Advanced Analytics & Machine Learning

We have the ability to conduct a deep-dive analysis into your datasets to extract insights and meaningful representations for your organization. We can implement machine learning applications that use analytical models for deriving information and using it for enhancing your organization's growth and performance. We have experience in building:

  • Exploratory Analysis - Summarizing main characteristics of data
  • Predictive modeling - Predicting future performance using historical data
  • Clustering analysis - Grouping information in clusters (groups) based on association
  • Network analysis - Examines relationships between entities like individuals, organizations, documents etc
  • Natural language processing - Process and analyze human language data

We'd love to speak with you about your data challenges.

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