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Improvement, Analytics, and Innovation Services

We are an in-house consulting group in Business Affairs serving Stanford University organizations and departments. Our teams provide expertise in process improvement, service design, business analytics, and project management. In addition, we offer workshop and retreat facilitation, as well as trainings and coaching.

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Our Vision

Create, instill, and sustain a business improvement discipline throughout Stanford that delivers transformed and efficient processes and services through a structured, data supported approach

Our Mission

Identify, prioritize, and launch projects that measurably improve our business processes and services by looking broadly across the institution and through collaboration with university partners

Service Design training session

Client testimonials

Discovery, Design, Implementation, and Support

Process Improvement

"I think you would be proud of the accomplishments the team has made towards process improvements. You gave us a great foundation to build from."

— Whitney McNair, Executive Director, Office of the Provost, Faculty Staff Housing

Training and Coaching

Service Design

"When you want to implement a new service, where do you go first? You reach out to the Service Design Team! They led workshops to train us on how to know our audience, identify touchpoints at each step of the users’ experience, and helped us understand core offerings and their benefits so we can promote the use of Salesforce for H&S needs."

— Sean Brandt, Associate Director, Application Services (Information Technology, School of Humanities and Sciences)

Discovery, Design

Process Improvement

"The efficiency project process taught us to pause and notice and make small tweaks as we go along, instead of it getting out of massive alignment. I think it has been a great learning process for the team."

— Kim Armstrong, Senior Director, Partner Programs, Medical Center Development

Discovery, Design, Implementation Support

Service Design

"The summary was easy to follow and identified some clear areas we can focus on to improve. Great job on all the work to date. This is going to make the process better and helps SUFMO to think differently about their role."
— Russell Furr, Associate Vice Provost for Environmental Health and Safety

Discovery, Design, Implementation, and Support

Process Improvement

"The final product did not just recreate the manual steps, but also improved the process and made it more efficient and accurate. The project was very successful, and both Fund Accounting and the Tax Department are very pleased with the resulting time savings and increase in data accuracy."
— Meg Keenan, Fund Accounting Analyst, Controller's Office

Retreat and Workshop Facilitation

Service Design

"You did an impressive job keeping dozens of participants with varied expertise and an abundance of ideas on track, and efficiently working towards the end goals of developing guiding principles and identifying key priorities. Extra credit for pulling this off in a virtual environment and with a software tool (Mural board) that I assume most participants hadn’t used before."
— Jamie Jarvis, Programs Director, Stanford Research Park

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