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Service Design

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The Service Design team provides a variety of experience design services from tactical to strategic.

During Discovery

  • User research (qualitative user interviews)
  • Survey design and analysis (custom tailored)
  • Experience Metrics Benchmarking survey and analysis
  • Usability review (of systems/applications)
  • User testing (of systems/applications)
  • Current-state service experience and delivery mapping (service blueprinting)

During Design

  • Service experience and delivery design
  • Program design
  • Prototype design / rapid prototyping
  • Information architecture design and testing
  • Wireframe design and testing (UX/UI design)

During Implementation

  • Service improvement implementation support (help you implement a good experience)
  • User experience Quality Assurance (QA) (make sure what you're implementing meets original designs and usability standards)

Experience Strategy and Innovation Consulting

  • Service strategy (strategic planning facilitation)
  • Prioritization and roadmap planning
  • Experience Metrics KPI identification (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Organizational Innovation Program design, setup, and support
  • Research and design operations consulting (how to build design capability in your org)
  • Design Sprint facilitation (user-focused bootcamp for your service team!)

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