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Training and Coaching

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Each of our teams offer a variety of training and coaching opportunities.

Training takes the format of a one-time class or class series, either organized for a team or offered centrally through University HR or Technology Training.

Coaching is an ongoing relationship established with an individual or project team that typically looks like a regular meeting frequency (weekly or bi-weekly) to coach on a specific project.

Training topics

  • Process Improvement – regularly offered through University HR
  • Service Design – regularly offered through University HR
  • Project Management  – upon request
  • Service Quality – upon request
  • Usability Basics – upon request (coming soon through Tech Training)
  • User Experience Design – upon request
  • User Research – upon request
  • Creating desktop procedures – upon request

Coaching topics

  • Process Improvement
  • Service Design
  • Project Management
  • Service Quality
  • Usability Basics
  • User Experience Design
  • Data practitioner support
  • User Research

Get in touch to discuss a training or coaching retainer for your team.

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