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Experience Standards

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What is this?

A framework defining recommended standard methods used to integrate experience design into projects.

Why does it matter?

Adopting more consistent ways to integrate UX will create better experiences, build empathy, and can result in reduced development and support costs.

What is included?

Throughout the systems lifecycle, we recommend you integrate a subset of the following experience design methods. 

Recommended experience methods:

  1. User interviews – Learn first-hand from your users to better understand their needs
  2. Experience metrics survey – Gather baseline or benchmark experience metrics data
  3. Usability review – Conduct an expert review of the system’s usability
  4. Usability testing – Test your system’s usability with real users by asking them to complete tasks
  5. Card sorting – Learn how users think about the information architecture and taxonomy
  6. Vendor evaluation – Evaluate 3rd party systems for user experience
  7. User experience (UX) design – Create wireframes and design the experience
  8. Information architecture (IA) design – Create user-friendly taxonomies and architecture

Depending on what phase of the lifecycle your system is at, you may consider which methods best fit your timeline and resources so that you can best integrate user experience into your project. Here are which methods we recommend you integrate when.

Recommended methods during each phase


  • User interviews 
  • Experience metrics survey (if existing system)
  • Usability Review (if existing system)
  • Usability testing (if existing system)

Requirements analysis

  • Card sorting (for information architecture and taxonomy development)
  • Vendor system user experience evaluation (if procuring a 3rd party system)


  • User experience (UX) design (of any custom interfaces or config)
  • Information architecture (IA) design
  • Usability review of designs
  • Usability testing of designs and architecture


  • Usability testing of prototype
  • Usability review of prototype

Testing (UAT or pilot)

  • Usability review
  • Usability testing
  • User interviews
  • Experience metrics survey

Post-launch evaluation

  • Usability review
  • Usability testing
  • User interviews
  • Experience metrics survey

Going further

If you are interested in integrating user experience design into your project, or in having us evaluate the experience of your current system, please get in touch.

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